Trapped within justice
Personal mun ranthing time

I figured out how to do the read more so that’s why it is here….

I had a great 2 days in Hiroshima but now I am dealing with my same old loneliness when I get back home, I feel terrible that I just can’t be happy for my two tumblr followers that I discovered are going to start dating. I am happy for them but at the same time it just made me derpressed because of my bad luck with a tumblr crush that I had experienced. It is not just that, I have bad luck with crushes in general, people I lvoe just don’t love me, I am not really a interesting person at all, I litterally am not, modest people who are interesting say that, when I say it it is the truth and nothing but the truth! I guess seeing that they were dating just remminded me of how unpopular I feel, and that even if I were to have someone return my love it would for any number of reasons not work out.

People tell me to wait and that my time will come and I just get tired of hearing it, it’s always from someone in a relationship too.I appreciate their support but I feel like this doesn’t help my mood any, it’s just an “oh, sorry to hear you are lonely, hang in there” and then they get to go back to their lover and not worry about anything. I am sorry if I sound like a terrible person, but I am just lonely and have been for about 5 years now.  Okay, personal complaining over, I am sorry guys but I didn’t want to complain on my personal again so I escaped here.